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Next Liverpool Manager: Odds and Considerations

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
15 April 2024, 14:46

After Jurgen Klopp’s announcement that this will be his last season in Liverpool, an enduring task of finding a suitable replacement for the German fell in the hands of the Liverpool board. Given the competitiveness of the club in all tournaments, the new manager has to be able to continue Klopp’s legacy and cement the team for the next decade.

Liverpool Next Manager Betting List

Bookmakers have opened the market on a potential replacement for a German specialist long ago, adjusting it at times. At the moment, judging by the odds given by Bet365, there are several main contenders:

Liverpool Next ManagerBet365 Odds
Ruben Amorim1.55
Julian Nagelsmann12.00
Roberto De Zerbi13.00
Thiago Motta15.00
Thomas Tuchel21.00

Ruben Amorim

After Xabi Alonso confirmed that he will stay at Bayer for at least for one more season, Ruben Amorim became the main contender for taking up the job at Anfield. Portuguese specialist is on the radar of many English clubs since he built an impressive squad of players with Sporting, showing cohesive and attractive game throughout the season, currently leading in the Portuguese championship. Amorim was expected to take over Tottenham, but Spurs ended up with Ange Postecoglou, and later was linked with Manchester United after rumours of Erik Ten Hag’s departure. The 39-old coach hinted that he is open to negotiations during the summer and it is evident that he will likely explore the potential of working with Liverpool. Despite this, we should not expect any announcements until the end of the season, as Amorim currently focused on Sporting, recently saying that he may also take Alonso's turn and stay for one more season.

Julian Nagelsmann

Despite taking up the German national team, Nagelsmann is linked with many clubs that are looking for new coaches as his contract ends after the Euro 2024. The main consideration in his case is the reported unwillingness to leave German football. In this regard, the rumours circulating that he is ready for coming back to Bayern, given the announcement of Thomas Tuchel’s departure at the end of the season. However, Nagelsmann has a lot of similarities with Klopp in terms of coaching philosophy and given that Klopp himself praised his job numerous times, he may become an interesting option if things will not work out with Ruben Amorim. In this regard, substituting once young and prospective German specialist with another, can become an interesting trend for Anfield to follow.

Roberto De Zerbi

After succeeding Graham Potter, De Zerbi impressed fans and Brighton’s board with high-quality football, leading Brighton to UEFA Europa League and maintaining an impressive campaign there, reaching the playoff stage. Despite having setbacks in the Premier League, it can be explained with lack of resources, while attacking, and high-pressing football will fit well with Klopp’s legacy. De Zerbi announced that he is potentially ready for a new call this summer and the only barrier between the Italian and clubs that consider him, such as Barcelona and Manchester United, is dealing with the club, which does not want De Zerbi to leave. Roberto can become the first Italian coach of Liverpool and given his credentials, he may have all the chances to succeed.

Thiago Motta

Another Italian prospective option comes from a former Barcelona and PSG player, who is currently bringing Bologna to success in the Serie A. Thiago Motta has done an impressive job since taking up the team in 2022 and most likely we will see the team in the Champions League next season. With his contract ending at the end of the season, it is still undecided whether Motta will develop his style in Italy or will try himself in a more privileged club. With his agent hinting at the upcoming negotiations with different clubs, it is quite possible that Motta will at least propose his vision of football to Liverpool's board. 

Thomas Tuchel

Tuchel can be seen as the most experienced side from this list but his recent tenure at Bayern and uneasy parting ways with Chelsea, once again emphasise that the German specialist is hard to work with. Despite titles in Germany, England and France, Tuchel failed at Bayern and his long-term vision and coaching methods are becoming more and more questionable. Moreover, the squad roster of Liverpool does not seem to match Tuchel’s preferences, making his arrival to Anfield an unlikely scenario.