Best Leagues for BTTS (Both Teams to Score)

Find out which leagues are most profitable for BTTS betting (Both Teams to Score), and stay up-to-date with the latest football betting tips on the ClubSport.

In football, scoring a goal is the minimum objective for each team. That’s why a bet on Both Teams to Score is so popular among football fans. Below, we have compiled the leagues where both teams are more likely to concede at least one goal. The data is based on the 2023/24 season.

TOP 50 League - Both Teams to Score

1🇺🇿 Pro League UZB225%
2🇧🇾 Premier League BLR125%
3🇸🇳 Ligue 1 SNG124%
4🇦🇷 Primera Nacional ARG221%
5🇱🇹 A Lyga LIT120%
6🇨🇳 Division 1 CHN219%
7🇰🇷 WK League KORW19%
8🇮🇪 Premier Division IRL118%
9🇰🇿 Premier League KAZ117%
10🇲🇱 Premier Division MAL116%
11🇨🇲 Elite One CAM115%
12🇨🇱 Primera Division CHI115%
13🇪🇬 Second League EGY214%
14🇩🇿 Ligue 1 ALG114%
15🇹🇳 Ligue 1 TUN114%
16🇺🇿 Super League UZB114%
17🇪🇸 Primera RFEF SPA313%
18🇫🇷 Ligue 2 FRA213%
19🇰🇪 Premier League KEN113%
20🇷🇺 First Division RUS213%
21🇬🇭 Premier League GH113%
22🇲🇦 GNF 1 MA113%
23🇿🇦 Premier League SOA113%
24🇦🇷 Superliga ARG113%
25🇻🇪 Primera Division VEN113%
26🇺🇾 Primera Division URU113%
27🇱🇹 1 Lyga LIT213%
28🇺🇸 League One USA313%
29🇷🇴 Liga I ROM112%
30🇷🇴 Liga II ROM212%
31🇺🇦 Premier League UKR112%
32🇲🇪 Prva Liga ME112%
33🇯🇵 J3.League JAP312%
34🇮🇹 Serie C ITA311%
35🇪🇸 La Liga 2 SPA211%
36🇮🇷 Pro League IRN111%
37🇲🇰 First League MK111%
38🇦🇹 Bundesliga AUT111%
39🇪🇬 Division 1 EGY111%
40🇯🇵 J2-League JAP211%
41🇪🇨 Campeonato Nacional EC111%
42🇬🇪 Erovnuli Liga 3 GEO311%
43🇷🇺 Premier League Women RUSW11%
44🇳🇴 Toppserien Women NORW11%
45🇳🇬 Premier League NG110%
46🇹🇷 1-Lig TUR210%
47🇫🇷 Ligue 1 FRA110%
48🇺🇦 Persha Liga UKR210%
49🇸🇰 Superliga SLV110%
50🇲🇹 Premier League MLT110%

What does both team scores mean in betting

Your BTTS bet will win if each team manages to score a goal within 90 minutes of regular time. In matches between two attacking teams, the odds for this market will not be very high. To increase the odds, use the Bet Builder for a combo bet, e.g. Both Teams to Score and Over 2.5 Goals.