Football Betting Odds for All Matches

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Football Betting Odds for Today’s Matches

On this ClubSport page, we're going to tell you everything you need to know about football odds: types of odds, how to find and choose bookmakers that accept bets with profitable odds, which bookmakers have the best odds, and how winnings are calculated.

You'll also find detailed information about football scores, match results, and tournament fixtures from different countries on the ClubSport site.

Сompare Odds on Today's Football Matches

Bookmakers have a staff of employees who make up football betting odds based on the study of statistics. The numbers vary in different betting companies, which is affected by several factors:

  • margin
  • analysts' opinion
  • dropping odds

Why Compare Odds?

Comparing odds allows you to play on more favourable terms. Let's say that some bookmaker gives 2.30 odds for the hosts' victory while the other bookie offers 2.45. The difference between these numbers is used by the "biggest game hunters" (professional players), who register with dozens of bookmakers and choose the one with higher odds to place bets.

Sometimes this happens merely because the bookmaker takes a more modest commission. If you find a betting company like this, start your odds analysis from it. Choosing bookmakers with the lowest margin all the time can increase your potential winnings in the long run.

What is a margin? Imagine that one sports betting company sets the maximum odds like this: 1 - 2.65, X - 4.00, and 2 - 2.45. The formula 1/odds number calculates the probability of an event. With the mentioned numbers, it'll be the following calculations:

  • 1/2.65=37.7%
  • 1/4=25%
  • 1/2.45=40.8%.

In total, these results give more than 100%, namely 103.5%. This extra 3.5% is a margin from these betting markets.

It's crucial to keep in mind that odds can change over time, and the odds dynamics analysis provides a lot of helpful information about the alignment of forces in a football match. Most of the changes happen shortly before the start of a match, affected by one of the following reasons:

  • Players cause dropping odds. For example, if many people bet on an obvious favourite a lot, the odds for it decrease.

  • Deliberate adjustment by the bookmaker. It's beneficial for a betting company that players bet on different outcomes, as in this case, a bookmaker earns profit thanks to the margin. But of course, players don't always bet in the required proportions. And then, the company artificially changes the odds, encouraging customers to place bets on the opposite outcomes.

  • Some new information appears, affecting the match's outcome. For example, the central striker of the favourite team was injured shortly before the game. In this case, the odds on the "Total Under" bet will fall.

In live football, betting odds change incredibly quickly, so comparing odds manually is very difficult.

The bookmaker's refusal to pay out cash or the "payment restrictions apply" mark next to a payment method you'd like to use can ruin the impression of a chosen bookmaker. Therefore, we recommend betting only in reliable companies regulated in your location. In our reviews and ratings, we talk only about such bookmakers!

But if you still find it challenging to pick the right company for football bets in the variety of licensed and regulated bookmakers, then pay attention not only to bet boosts or bigger odds, but to the additional benefits such as various useful services and bonus programs. The most common ones are:

  • no deposit bonuses;
  • deposit bonuses;
  • bonuses for placing bets;
  • enhanced odds;
  • bet insurance.

A chance to use a profitable bonus plays a serious role for many bettors when choosing a bookmaker.

When to refrain from betting?

There can occur the most frequent situations to do so:

  1. There is a betting load on the outcome with more than a 90% probability (for example, a betting load on a clear favourite in Premier League). After the line's opening, most players often begin to bet on the obvious option, even with not that appealing odds of approximately 1.20-1.30. By the beginning of the match, odds may fall to 1.10 - 1.15. It's unprofitable for the user's interests to place bets even on confident favourites with such odds; this will lead to losses in the long run.

  2. The noticeable and persistent change of odds in different directions. This case usually happens in less popular championships, where several matches with a predetermined result (fixed matches) may appear during the season. Betting in these circumstances is a big risk for a player because the result doesn't depend on the teams but on how the club leaders managed to agree between themselves.

Odds Types We Offer

The three most common types of odds used by betting companies are decimal, fractional, and American. For many bookmakers, you can not only accept the default type of odds but also change them to any suitable one.


These odds are also called European, digital or continental. They are popular in most countries of Europe, in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the CIS.

In decimal odds, we instantly see the potential income. If the odds are 3.5, and we bet a dollar, then the possible winnings will be 3.5 dollars (including the dollar that we bet).

The higher the decimal odds are, the less probable the event is. For instance, here are the possible Champions League winner odds:

  • Manchester City: 2.10.
  • Liverpool: 6.64.
  • Real Madrid: 7.36.
  • Bayern: 8.35.

As you can see, the highest odds are given to Bayern - 8.35. It means that the bookmakers believe in this football team less than in the other ones.


They are also called British or traditional odds and are mostly used in the British Isles. Fractional odds are written with a slash (/) or a hyphen (-). An example is 4/1 or 4-1, which reads "four to one."

A 4/1 odds means that you will receive $4 for every dollar wagered if you win (that's pure income). In other words, when you win, you get your $1 back plus $4 of profit. And the total payment will be 5 dollars. The decimal odds for this bet would be 5.0.


As the name implies, such odds are used in the USA. The odds for the favourites have a minus (-) sign, and the number indicates the amount that must be wagered to win $100. And vice versa: odds on outsiders have a plus sign (+) and show how much you win for every $100 wagered.

Here are the American odds for the Premier League match between Everton and Crystal Palace:

  • Everton win: -111
  • Draw: +258
  • Crystal Palace win: +354

Everton is the favourite, with minus odds for it to win. You have to wager $111 to make a profit of $100.Crystal Palace is an outsider (with a plus). If we play with $100 to bet on its victory and it wins, we get $354.

Football Betting Payout

Let's say you have already chosen the bookmaker for a particular English football or Champions League match. How will the winnings be calculated?

Take the following example odds: 1 - 2.65, X - 4.00, and 2 - 2.45. After placing a bet of $100 from your deposits, the winnings are calculated by multiplying the wager and the odds.

  • If we bet $100 on 1, our total winnings will be $265, and our net winnings will be $165.
  • A score draw bet (the most unlikely outcome) will increase your balance from $100 to $400 in perspective. Consequently, the net income will be $300.
  • With a bet on 2, the possible winnings will be $245, or $145 net.

You can immediately withdraw your winnings from the account unless they are restricted. Exceptions are made for free bets or when your bet is part of the bonus wagering.

Best Football Betting Odds & Bookmakers Offers

ClubSport experts have been comparing and analysing bookmakers for over 10 years. And we know how to find profitable and most reliable betting partners even among a great variety of bookmakers. Here are the sports betting companies with the best odds to offer:


  • Parimatch;
  • Betfred;
  • Vbet;
  • Boylesports;
  • BetVictor.


  • Betition;
  • Unibet;
  • BetVictor;
  • Unibet;
  • Mr.Play.


  • BlueBet;
  • Picklebet;
  • PlayUp;
  • Bet365;
  • DraftStars.

These bookmakers specialise in football bets so you can find their offers on this page.

What are the best football markets to bet on?

Bookmakers usually describe football in detail - sometimes there are over 1000 football markets given for the top tournament matches and the biggest games!

  • Outcomes: 1X2.
  • Double Chance (DC): 1Х, X2.
  • Both Teams to Score (BTTS): “Yes” or “No”.
  • Total (Asian total included): total over or under.
  • Handicap (Asian handicap included): - or +.
  • Goal Method: header, free-kick, penalty, and so on.
  • Next Goal: for instance, team X scores the second goal in the match.
  • Final Score
  • Combined football market: two outcomes in one bet.
  • Number in the Final Result.
  • Total Even/Odd
  • Penalty Kick or Sending-Off
  • Both teams get red card
  • Time/Full-Time
  • Goal Interval
  • To Score in Both Halves
  • European handicap
  • Race to N goals
  • Goalscorer
  • Total Goal Minutes
  • Outright markets

It's not the complete list of football betting markets, as various bookmakers might have more betting options for a player. The more promising and awaited football games offer the richer list.

Football Schedule & Fixtures on ClubSport

The schedule of football matches is one of the first browser bookmarks for football fans and sports betting enthusiasts. To make a prediction, you need to know which teams play in the next round, what condition the opponents are in, and the history of their previous confrontations. This information is provided by the football schedule from ClubSport. Here you will find the match calendar for the following football leagues:

To see the full schedule, visit the tournament page. The game schedule for the season allows you to choose the football match you're interested in and find out the odds per line at different bookmakers.

Thanks to the match calendar, you can be armed with the information in advance, analyse it, and make predictions for selected football competitions. The calendar gets updated constantly, so users receive news on the unexpected changes in the match start time or if the game gets rescheduled.

Football Results & Scores

ClubSport is an online service with individual matches performance from all over the world. We provide users with daily information about the results of completed games (just visit the Results tab). Here you will find the match result for the following leagues:

Sports statistics is given for each match in a comprehensible format:

  • accurate scores in all tournaments;
  • the teams’ performance results in the championship;
  • current position in the standings.


Which league offers are the best football odds?

The highest odds are traditionally met in match betting of the top national championships: Serie A, La Liga, Premier League, Ligue 1, and others. The same odds are presented for the major international tournaments — the Champions League, the Europa League, the Conference League, the World, European Championships, and other ones.

Which bookmakers offer the best football odds?

The following bookmakers offer the best odds: Parimatch, Betfred, Vbet, Boylesports, BetVictor (UK), Betition, Unibet, BetVictor, Unibet, Mr.Play (IE), BlueBet, Picklebet, PlayUp, Bet365, DraftStars (AU).

How to place a bet on football matches?

Log in to your account from a mobile device or computer, open Line or Live, select 'Football' in the sports catalog, pick the match, click on the desired bet, and get redirected to the coupon. Next, enter the stake to bet on football and click 'Place a bet.'

How are football odds calculated?

Bookmakers have a staff of employees who set odds based on the study of statistics. The odds in different betting companies may vary — it's affected by the margin and the opinion of analysts.

High or low football odds should I choose?

The higher the odds, the higher the possible winnings. Compare the latest odds for the selected match in different betting companies and choose the best one.

What are Football Futures Bets?

A futures bet is a long-term bet on the match result of any tournament, team play, or individual athlete performance in a season. For example, bookmakers offer bets on the winning team or the top scorer of the World Cup long before the World Cup itself starts.

What are Types of Football Odds?

There are six types of odds: American, fractional, decimal, Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malaysian. But the first three are the most popular.