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Our Mission

At UKClubsport.com, our mission is to empower sports bettors with comprehensive information, expert analysis, and innovative tools that enable intelligent and confident betting decisions. We are committed to providing a trusted platform that enhances the betting experience and increases the chances of success for our users.

Through our key features and services, we create the following:

  • Odds Comparison. We aggregate odds from multiple legal bookmakers for various sports events, allowing users to compare and find the best available odds for their bets.
  • Betting Tips. We provide expertly crafted betting tips, predictions, and match previews for upcoming sports events, focusing especially on football matches. These insights based on last game statistics and fresh information we search for are designed to help bettors make informed decisions.
  • Statistics and Data. We track and provide comprehensive statistics and data for sports teams, leagues, and events. This includes key stats such as head-to-head records, recent form, goals scored/conceded, clean sheets, and many more. These insights help users analyse the probability of different outcomes.
  • Team Strength Rating. You can use our Team Strength Rating system, which measures the power of football teams based on their last games. This rating considers factors like goals, attempts, game status and opponent form. It is used to make our own match predictions and betting tips, providing an edge to our users.
  • Additional Tools. Offer additional tools such as identifying the best leagues for over/under bets, teams with high over/under goals, clean sheet stats, and more. These tools help users identify good betting opportunities.

Our Core Principles

  • Commitment to Accuracy. We are dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable information to our users. We gather and analyse data from reputable sources to ensure the highest level of precision in our odds comparison, betting tips, match previews, and statistical analyses. Our commitment to accuracy is non-negotiable, as we understand the importance of trustworthy information in making informed betting decisions.
  • Transparency and Fairness. We believe in transparency and fairness in the world of sports betting. It is our responsibility to provide clear and unbiased insights to our users, regardless of any external influences. We openly share our analysis methods and adhere to strict ethical guidelines, building a relationship with our users best on trust. Our goal is to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to succeed in their betting entertainment.
  • Constant Innovation and Improvement. We like innovation a lot and continuously strive to improve our services for the benefit of our users. Our unique feature, the Team Strength Rating system, shows our commitment to providing cutting-edge tools and analysis. By researching and developing new methodologies and technologies, we aim to push the boundaries of sports betting analysis and provide our users with the most advanced and effective resources available.
  • Responsible Gambling Practices. We promote responsible gambling and adhere to ethical considerations. We encourage users to manage their bankroll and stake sizes, ensuring a sustainable and enjoyable betting experience. Furthermore, we prioritise the protection of vulnerable peoples and follow the rules set by bodies that regulate sports betting.

At UKClubsport, we are guided by our mission and core principles, and committed to providing a comprehensive platform that assists our users in making informed and intelligent betting decisions.

Join us to experience the excitement and success of informed betting!

Our Team

Valentin Axani
Valentin Axani
Website Manager

Valentin has been working in the gambling industry for over 15 years. Initially, he was a bookmaker in his native Romania. With his professional experience growing, he worked in Online - Risk management, as a Project manager, Customer support manager and in the acquisition department as an Affiliate manager.

Besides the positions mentioned above, Valentin worked with some sports betting sites as a professional tipster, also writing some articles. He has a huge experience in the gambling world: he knows a lot of things about the way bookmakers work, how informational betting sites operate and what exactly bettors need. All these things have been a part of his life for many years.

Favourite sport: Football has been a favourite sport of Valentin since he was a kid. He started to support Rapid Bucharest at the age of 11. His favourite tournaments are the Champions League, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and, of course, FIFA World Cup and UEFA EURO. Betting on top leagues is his favorite because it's easy to find last-minute information and updates.

Biggest win: Valentin admits that he hasn’t had big winnings on many occasions. Quite often, though, one last game was a failure in an accumulator bet that could have brought up to €5000. The biggest win came to him after all in 2016. He chose the 2 halftime/1 final bet type for the Udinese versus Genoa game. He placed quite a small stake, but brought him a profit of around €1000, as the odds were high, around 25.00.

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
News Editor

Dumitru has been working in the sports news industry for over four years. He started by covering the biggest football transfers news across the top leagues before switching to a more club-centric line of work, writing about everything surrounding Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Dumitru has a good grasp of the betting industry as he enjoys placing bets during big sporting events like the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euros or CONMEBOL Copa America. Besides the big tournaments, he follows less mainstream leagues like the Argentinian Primera Division, Australian A-League or the Chinese Super League where the odds are usually higher.

Favourite sport: Football is, obviously, Dumitru’s favourite sport. He’s been a Barcelona fan for over 15 years now, and the first football match he remembers watching is the 2006 UEFA Champions League final between Barcelona and Arsenal. Besides the Spanish La Liga, Dumitru also frequently watches the English Premier League and Italian Serie A.

Biggest win: Although Dumitru hasn’t had too many big wins, there is one bet he will always remember. Back in 2020, he correctly predicted the score of an A-League match (it was Adelaide United vs some other team). He predicted a 3-2 win for Adelaide United but the bet looked lost because the score was 2-2 and the match was nearing its end. However, a late goal from the home side made a 20.00 odds bet a winning one!