Next Sunderland Manager: Odds and Considerations

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
25 April 2024, 19:19

Being sacked after 63 days, Michael Beale could not turn things around in Sunderland, with the dream of getting into the Championship’s playoffs disappeared, as the team is currently 13th.

For the second time in two years, the team was taken up by Mike Dodds who will lead the club as an interim manager till the end of the season. Within this time, the board will attempt to find a suitable replacement that can lead the Black Cats to Premier League in the next season.

Sunderland Next Manager Betting List

Bookmakers have opened the market on the new potential specialist that will coach the team next season after the dismissal of Michael Beale. At the moment, judging by the odds given by PaddyPower, there are several main contenders:

Sunderland Next ManagerPaddyPower Odds
Kjetil Knutsen5.50
Stephen Robinson6.00
Sam Allardyce7.50
Neil Lennon8.50
Steven Schumacher11.00

Kjetil Knutsen

Kjetil Knutsen is known for his impressive work at Bodø/Glimt, where he turned the club into Norwegian champions and made remarkable progress in European competition. His coaching style emphasises an attacking philosophy and developing young talent, which fits well with a club like Sunderland. who may be looking to build a sustainable future by developing young players.

Knutsen's potential desire to join Sunderland could be driven by a desire to test his skills in a more competitive league, which would offer a new set of challenges and a wider platform. However, his lack of experience in English football could be seen as a weakness as it could entail a period of adaptation to the style of play and intensity of the league.

Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson has achieved considerable success with limited resources, as was evident during his time at Motherwell and St Mirren, where he led the team to two cup finals and secured third place in the Scottish Championship. His experience as a manager in the UK could make him an excellent candidate for Sunderland as he has an understanding of the football landscape and what it takes to succeed in a competitive environment.

Robinson's strengths lie in his ability to build competitive teams on modest budgets and tactical flexibility. However, his recent performances have produced mixed results, which could raise concerns about stability and his ability to cope with pressure at a bigger club aiming for promotion.

Sam Allardyce 

Sam Allardyce is a seasoned veteran of English football, known for his pragmatic approach to management and his ability to stabilise clubs in difficult situations. His extensive experience in the Premier League and Championship could prove invaluable to Sunderland, especially if the club is struggling in the Championship or aiming for promotion.

Allardyce's potential interest in the Sunderland job could be driven by his previous successful spell at the club and his personal desire to ensure the team's success. However, his style of play, which has often been criticised for being overly defensive or unattractive, may be perceived as a flaw by fans who prefer more expansive football.

Neil Lennon

Neil Lennon has a wealth of experience gained from his tenures in Scotland, including Celtic, where he won several Scottish titles and enjoyed success in European competition. His aggressive and passionate approach could inject much-needed energy into Sunderland, potentially reinvigorating the team and fans.

Lennon's understanding of British football and his proven track record of handling pressure are his strengths, however, recent setbacks can be decisive when dismissing his candidature.

Steven Schumacher

Stephen Schumacher has impressed at Plymouth Argyle, playing exciting football and developing young talent. His progressive tactics and man-management skills could come in handy at Sunderland.

For Schumacher, as a relatively young, up-and-coming coach, it's a risk, but one that could pay off if he continues his upward trajectory. His lack of top-level experience is a concern, but Sunderland may be willing to take a chance on the rising star.