Review: Fuchs Silkolene Wash, Clean and Prep

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CAN’T keep your hands off your bike this winter? Good, it needs love and attention, and we’ve given our UK Clubsport bike the Silkolene treatment to see how it stacks up.

Fuchs’ flagship range includes a number of lubricants, treatments and maintenance products. And since we won’t be on track for at least the next two months, we’re spending as much time getting ready in the shed as possible.

I’m a notorious stick-it-in-the-garage-and-deal-with-it-later rider, so six weeks after I last hit Donington for a wet trackday, the Clubsport Minitwin came out of hiding – gaffer tape and all – for a much-needed scrub down.

A wash, a clean and a shine are all made pretty easy - even on a neglected minitwin...
A wash, a clean and a shine are all made pretty bloody easy – even on a neglected Minitwin…

The Wash Off product is dead simple: hose the bike down with water, apply the green spray, then wash it off. Results may vary, but as was recommended, I grabbed an old toothbrush to help loosen up the grime and grease.

Before washing off the Wash Off, you may need to use a bit extra to really dig into the dirt. It didn’t help that it was about six degrees out – warm water and a pressure washer would’ve probably made the job easier and more economical, but I used about a quarter of the bottle.

Overall, we’re giving Wash Off two thumbs up. You’ll have to spend the time scrubbing your bike in the mega dirty places depending on how many offs you’ve had, but the spray does its job and is safe on any bike surface – chain, sprockets, bodywork, tank, exhaust, the lot.

The only sticking point was that after a solid few minutes of pumping the spray nozzle, something got choked up and we had to start squeezing the bottle to get the Wash Off flowing again.

After giving the SV a chance to dry, we sprung for the Brake and Chain Cleaner. The aerosol can comes with a Smart Straw spray nozzle, which helped loosen chain grease, and the brake discs took a single wipe down to look spotless. You can allow the cleaner to dry on before wiping off, but I preferred to give the metal a bit of a rub for good measure.

We finished off with the Pro Prep aerosol which, as you may have guessed, preps your bike like a pro. It’s safe on all your bodywork except the windscreen, and give you a really nice sheen without the greasiness. I’ll be the first to admit my fairings are far from paint booth fresh, but the Pro Prep actually made it look decent.

It doesn’t work miracles and it won’t make your bike look flawless, but the better kept it is, the better Pro Prep will make it look. Plus, as tested in a wet North East December, it’s pretty good at repelling water.

Wash Off – Rated 7/10, 1L spray bottle £6.99

Brake and Chain Cleaner – Rated 7/10, 500mL aerosol £8.93

Pro Prep – Rated 8/10, 500mL aerosol £8.50

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