Issue 17 – July 2020


Just because the country is on lockdown, it doesn’t mean you can’t get your racing fix!

Pick up the May issue of UK Clubsport magazine for the best news, features and gossip from across British club and road racing.


RACING IS BACK! If you’re as excited as we are, there’s only one magazine you need – issue 17 of Britain’s best bike racing mag.

Freetech Endurance, Andreas Racing Association and the CRMC have all hit the track and in the coming weeks, plenty more clubs will follow.

Speaking of Freetech, Team Clubsport made its competitive debut late last month – and only one of us made an arse of themselves. No, sorry, he just dropped trou…

Richard Cooper spills the beans on Donington’s ballsiest corner and gives us a rundown on how not to join the Craner Club, and we dive into the world of thoroughbred race bikes with the 250 and 125GP National Championships to find out what keeps them ticking over.

What’s happening with the Ulster Grand Prix? It’s off for 2020, but is it off for good? We ask the question as Derek Wilson lifts the lid on Dundrod’s storied history.

Sidecars have finally been given the green light, so the outfits have wasted no time hitting tracks from England to Scotland and even the Isle of Man – we catch up with some of the three-wheeled crews after their shakedowns.

Ian Mackman talks the perils of sticky chains, Aidan Robinson chats the Dunning-Kruger effect of being better than you think you might be and Larry Carter takes us back to the summer of ’71, when Cooper toppled the unstoppable Ago at Mallory Park.

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