Wales vs Poland Predictions and Tips

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
25 March 2024, 13:22

In the last round of the qualification for the Euro 2024, Wales will host Poland in Cardiff. Both teams had confident wins in their previous matches, with Wales easily winning over Finland (4-1), and Poland did not recognise the Estonian national team (5-1). At the same time, given the head to head matches of these two, Wales should be cautious, given that the team lost 6 last consecutive meetings with Poland. The last two occasions, when the teams met, was the framework of the UEFA Nations League, where Poland did not have easy wins (1-0, 2-1). This time, the stakes are even higher and both teams are expected to show their best on the pitch.

Wales vs Poland Preview 

Wales Preview

Wales are awaiting for this match in a positive mood, given that they are unbeaten for seven matches in a row and are in general known for a solid game at home. In the last 16 home matches, when taking into account qualification for Euro, Wales lost only once. Rob Page emphasised that the win against Finland can be considered only as ‘half time’, given that the team attempts to avoid missing the second European tournament since 2016. Wales does not expect to have any crucial gaps in its starting eleven, but while Poland can resort to individual capabilities of some of the players, the Welsh national team is not that classy personally, emphasising the resilience of the teamplay.

Poland Preview 

Poland is still unbeaten under the leadership of Michał Probierz with 3 wins and 2 draws, confidently beating 10 men Estonia (5-1) in the last match. Both the federation and the coach made it clear that the match against Wales is crucial, since Poland can miss out on the final round of Euro since 2004. With all the key players like Robert Lewandowski, Nicola Zalewski and Piotr Zielinski are ready to play, Probierz is expecting maximum commitment from his players in Cardiff. With the exceptional performance of Zalewski in the last match, his flanking activities can become the key area of threat to Wales.

Betting Tips for Wales vs Poland

Poland Draw No Bet

Despite the relative parity between the teams, Poland is more experienced in such important matches. Moreover, the quality of Polish players are way higher, with most of the starting eleven playing in top European leagues. Another favourable statistics come from the head to head matches, where Poland is invincible for the Dragons since 1973. For this Wales vs. Poland prediction, Unibet gives 2.20.

Total Goals Under 2.5

The importance of the match necessitates the teams to play cautiously keeping in mind the stakes that are behind this match. Both Wales and Poland are aware that missing out the Euros will be considered as a failure and engaging in shootout is most likely out of the coaches’ plans for the game. Wales vs. Poland odds for this outcome, as defined by Unibet, are 1.55.

Goal Scored from 1 to 15 Minute - Yes

An interesting statistic regarding Wales’ home matches saw three consecutive clashes at Cardiff with a goal in the first 15 minutes. Given that the teams have more or less similar chances for the qualification, the element of surprise may come in handy, with a starting pressing can provide any team with a potential advantage for the rest of the match. Poland is also not a stranger for early goals, with two goals scored in the opening minutes - in the 7th minute in a recent friendly with Latvia and in the 4th minute in a match against Faroe Islands. Unibet gives 3.63 for this Wales vs. Poland tip.

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