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Sao Tome e Principe vs South Sudan Predictions and Tips

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
21 March 2024, 17:06

The teams of Sao Tome e Principe and South Sudan will meet in the playoff match to determine who will be able to continue its run for the qualifying round of African Cup of Nations in 2025. Both teams are considered as outsiders in any championship they participate in, occupying the bottom of FIFA rankings. Sao Tome is placed on 191th place, while South Sudan is 166th. The teams have never met in a head-to-head match and this clash will start their history.

Sao Tome e Principe vs. South Sudan Preview 

Sao Tome e Principe Preview

Sao Tome e Principe is among the weakest teams in the world, being only 20 places away from the worst team in the world according to FIFA rankings, San Marino. Sao Tome is currently in a losing streak, with 5 consecutive matches. Moreover, the team does not win for 20 matches in a row, clearly indicating the grim prospects in the upcoming match. In the last qualification round for the recent African Cup of Nations, Sao Tome finished last in its group, having 0 points and the difference between scored and conceded goals of -23. Sao Tome also participates in the qualification for the upcoming World Cup, in the group H, with Tunisia, Equatorial Guinea, Namibia, Malawi and Liberia. The team played two matches, losing to Tunisia (4-0), and Namibia (2-0). These performances indicate that the upcoming match is not going to be easy for the team either.

South Sudan Preview 

South Sudan, despite also being one of the main outsiders of the continent, sometimes surprises its fans. During the qualification for the previous African Cup, South Sudan even managed to snatch a win against Kongo, aside from five loses. As for the World Cup qualification, the team has already got a point in its group B, after having a 0-0 draw with Mauritania in a match played last November. In general, despite being a clear outsider when considering other African teams, South Sudan can still claim results at times. It can be said that the teams of similar calibre like Sao Tome are the main targets for the guests to get points.

U 2.5
O 2.5
Best odds: São Tomé e Príncipe vs South Sudan

Betting Tips for Sao Tome e Principe vs South Sudan

South Sudan to Win

Both teams are clear outsiders when considering their level comparing to the other African teams. However, while South Sudan sometimes can snatch a victory and play in aggressive defence to claim a draw, Sao Tome results are more disappointing, including a 10-0 loss to Nigeria. Given these circumstances, South Sudan is rightfully favourite in this pair and is likely to continue to the next round. 

Both Teams to Score

With the disappointing results for both teams, it is evident that South Sudan can maintain a clean sheet only when parking a bus in front of its goal. In this match, the team is considered favourite and is unlikely to play in such a football. In general, both Sao Tome and South Sudan have nothing to lose in attempting to get an advantage for the second match.

First to Score - South Sudan

Sao Tome e Principe conceded first in the five consecutive matches. Given the impotence of the team in terms of goals scored, with 5 consecutive matches without a single goal, South Sudan can even remain the only team on the scoresheet.

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