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Saarbrücken vs Kaiserslautern Predictions and Tips

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
1 April 2024, 11:31

In the semifinal of this draw of the DFB Pokal, Kaiserslautern, representing the second division, Bundesliga 2, and Saarbrücken, a representative of the third division, Bundesliga 3, will meet. It will be hard to say that anyone expected to see these two going that far, especially given the teams results in their divisions. Kaiserslautern is on the verge of relegation to the third division, being in 16th place with 29 points. Saarbrücken is stuck in the middle of the table of the Bundesliga 3, with 43 points and 11th spot. The teams faced each other 7 times before, and the last three consecutive clashes were won by Kaiserslautern.

Saarbrücken vs Kaiserslautern Preview

Kaiserslautern Preview

Kaiserslautern approaches this match after a league defeat in the weekend, losing to Dusseldorf (3-1). During this DFB Pokal run, Die Roten Teufel eliminated such serious opponents as Cologne and Hertha Berlin. This fearless run featured 13 goals and brought the team to the semis for the first time in a decade after losing in 2013 to Bayern Munich. It is also worth remembering that Kaiserslautern won DFB Pokal 2 times, in 1990 and 1996. Friedhelm Funkel has all his men available, aside from Ragnar Ache and Hendrick Zuck, and the main emphasis will be on Richmond Tachie, who was on the scoresheet in the quarters and 1/8 finals round.

Saarbrücken Preview 

Saarbrücken’s story on the road to semifinals was more impressive, given the calibre of the teams that were defeated. Defeating Bayern Munich, Eintracht Frankfurt, and Borussia Mönchengladbach, while being a middleweight of the third division, will be a long story to remember, a story which is not yet over. Interestingly enough, the last semifinal of Saarbrücken was not long ago, in the 2019/2020 season, where Die Molschder lost to Bayer Leverkusen, a most likely finalist this year. Same as Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken lost its league match in the weekend but in contrast to their semi final opponents, it seems to be a lucky sign for Rudiger Ziehl, as the team lost its every league match amid the DFB Pokal clashes in this run.

Betting Tips for Saarbrücken vs Kaiserslautern

Both Teams to Score

With both teams attempting to make history, there is little pressure on both sides, given their more than impressive run during this cup draw. Quarter finals matches saw exchange of goals in both teams’ matches and with the current enthusiasm, a productive match can be well-expected. Head to head matches are also indicative, with both teams being on the scoresheet in 5 out of 7 instances. Unibet gives 1.59 for this Saarbrücken vs Kaiserslautern prediction.

Saarbrücken Draw No Bet

Saarbrücken completed a more impressive run and this draw has all the chances to become historical, even if the team will lose in the potential final match. In the cases of both teams it is hard to depend on their level of player or situation in the domestic league, thus, it makes sense to rely on more abstract indicators. In all 4 cup matches, Saarbrücken lost its league match prior to the cup clash, and the upcoming match is not an exception, with Die Molschder losing to Duisburg (2-0). Moreover, Friedhelm Funkel won only once against Saarbrücken in his six meetings against the team. Saarbrücken vs Kaiserslautern odds for this outcome, as defined by Unibet, are 2.07.

Saarbrücken Total Over 1.5 Goals

Saarbrücken scored exactly two in each of the team’s cup run. With Kai Brunker is still aiming for being the DFB Pokal’s topscorer, scoring three match-winners during this period and given that there is nothing to lose for the team, it is well-expected that it will show its another ‘game of the century’, and there is a reason to believe that it is capable of scoring another two goals, with Kaiserslautern being sluggish in the defence at times. Unibet gives 2.45 for this Saarbrücken vs Kaiserslautern tip.

Remember to gamble responsibly. Tips provided serve only as a recommendation, not as a call to action. Always rely on your own judgement.