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Romelu Lukaku Next Club Odds

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
24 July 2023, 09:56

Romelu Lukaku is another footballer from Chelsea's long list that the FC is actively looking for a new place of work for. His contract with the club expires only in the summer of 2026, but it is already obvious that he will change teams soon.

The Belgian forward last played for Chelsea in the 2021/22 season, and he spent the previous season on loan at Inter Milan. With this club, Lukaku won the Coppa Italia and Italian Super Cup, and also participated in the UEFA Champions League final. In addition to his 10 goals in 25 Serie A games, he scored 3 goals in 8 matches of the main European cup.

During his time at Chelsea, Lukaku did not achieve significant success, with only a victory in the FIFA Club World Cup (2022) and an FA Cup title that he won during his first stint at the club in 2012.

Not long ago, Inter Milan was considered the main favourite to sign Lukaku, but the FC abruptly ended all negotiations when they learned that the player was also in talks with representatives of their arch-rival – Juventus.

List of latest Romelu Lukaku transfer odds

After the news that Inter Milan withdrew from negotiations for the forward's transfer, bookmakers have offered the lowest Romelu Lukaku next club odds for Juventus. At the same time, they do not exclude the possibility of Lukaku moving to Saudi Arabia. Let's have a look at all the Romelu Lukaku transfer odds.

Romelu Lukaku’s next clubSkyBetUnibet
Any Saudi Pro League club3.005.00
Inter Milan9.006.00
Aston Villa9.009.00


Bookmakers have little doubt that Romelu Lukaku will perform in the black and white shirt of Juventus next year. According to Italian media reports, the Belgian forward has already agreed to a personal contract with Juventus, under which he will earn 8 million euros per year. It is expected that Chelsea will receive around 40 million euros for the transfer of the striker, but it will not be a one-time payment.

The acquisition of Lukaku is a big risk for both the club and the player himself, who previously swore allegiance to Inter and said he could never wear a Juventus shirt. It is not yet clear how the fans of Juventus will react to the transfer from their rival's camp, but the fans of the Inter Milan club are already furious.

Any Saudi Pro League club

Despite the fact that the deal with Juventus seems inevitable, bookmakers maintain very decent odds for a possible move of Lukaku to Saudi Arabia. Earlier it was reported that Al-Hilal made a specific offer to Chelsea of 40 million euros, and the Belgian himself was offered a three-year contract for the insane 30 million dollars per year.

However, the player's agent officially stated that Lukaku plans to play in Europe for several more years, as he hopes to succeed in the UEFA Champions League.

Inter Milan

It may seem that the bridges with the FC have been burned and there is no way back, but bookmakers believe that Inter Milan still remains on the list of contenders for Lukaku. Representatives of the club cut off all contacts with the player's side after he remained unresponsive for a long time, and later news emerged that Lukaku's negotiations with Juventus were in an advanced stage.

According to press reports, Inter was very angry with the situation and decided to look for alternative ways to strengthen their attacking line. The fans of the football club have also issued an official statement, calling Lukaku a traitor. It was previously reported that Inter was ready to pay Chelsea up to 30 million euros for the Belgian player.

Aston Villa

The FC is looking to strengthen the attacking line, but it seems that Romelu Lukaku's ambitions are slightly higher than playing for Aston Villa, which will only participate in the UEFA Conference League next season. There is no doubt that this transfer would be top level for the FC, but Aston Villa is unlikely to become the Romelu Lukaku next club option.

It should be noted that, playing for West Brom, Everton and Manchester United, Lukaku usually was among the top scorers in the Premier League. At Aston Villa, he would have that chance again, but the club's fans should still expect other acquisitions.


Bookmakers give a minimal chance that Chelsea's management will change their minds for some reason and decide not to sell Romelu Lukaku, keeping him in the squad for the new season. Of course, such a scenario is unlikely - the FC is doing everything possible to rectify their financial fair play situation, and they need to sell as many players with existing contracts as possible. This is why Chelsea rejected options for a loan and subsequent obligation to buy Lukaku, which Inter initially insisted on.

It should also be noted that the Belgian himself does not want to return to London – he agreed with the club in advance that he would not come to Chelsea and would miss the start of preseason training.