Real Sociedad vs. PSG Predictions and Tips

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
4 March 2024, 14:58

After a 2-0 loss in Paris, Real Sociedad will host PSG in its home ground, with a grim hope to proceed to the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League. In the current situation, the potential of Sociedad to turn things upside down and eliminate the 2-goal advantage of PSG is relatively small, given all the experience both Luis Enrique and his squad have in the main European competition. Even though PSG is well-known for their sudden surprises in away matches in Spain (remembering 6-1 against Barcelona and 3-1 against Real Madrid), Sociedad does not have the mentality or individual capabilities that can break the French defence or shock the goalkeeper. Within these considerations, San Sebastians await their opponents.

Real Sociedad vs. PSG Preview 

Real Sociedad Preview

Sociedad could not cope with a busy schedule due to participation in three tournaments at the same time. A wave of injuries to leading players, sterility in attacking actions, failures in defence, which had previously been distinguished by reliability - all this has affected the current results, and they are deplorable. Over the past 9 matches, Real Sociedad has managed to get only one victory (in the championship over modest Mallorca with a goal of 90+3, despite the fact that the opponent played in the minority for the whole half). After that, it was from Mallorca that Sociedad was eliminated from the Copa del Rey. Sociedad lost the last two matches in the championship, conceding 3 goals per match. During the season, Sociedad proved that it is practically invincible at home, but this fact has also failed recently. At the moment, the Royal cannot win a home match for 7 matches and in the new year they have not got a single home victory.

PSG Preview 

PSG feels more confident given that iIn the French championship, things are fine, even despite the two draws in the last rounds. Parisians can afford it since the gap to second place is more than comfortable (9 points). The team clearly had all their thoughts on the upcoming Champions League match. PSG's streak without losses in all competitions has been going on for 20 matches in a row, and in general, the team lost only three times in 35 matches during the season. PSG is more experienced in the Champions League battles, has a pleasant advantage of 2 goals after the first game and has all the possibilities to dictate the course of the second leg. The Parisians will not give in and without serious shocks they are expected to make their way to the next round of the Champions League.

Betting Tips for Real Sociedad vs. PSG

PSG Draw No Bet

Given the shattered state of Real Sociedad, few can expect that their ‘match of the life’ will fall on this clash. The Spaniards most likely understand their situation and even though they will not give up until the last minute, the real capabilities of the current Real Sociedad does not look skillful enough to surprise experienced PSG. Unibet evaluates this Real Sociedad vs. PSG prediction with odds of 1.98.

Total Under 2.5 Goals

PSG does not come to San Sebastian to engage in a shootout; rather, Luis Enrique expects from his players to show cohesive game, which will be enough to proceed to quarterfinals without leaving too much on the field. In the perfect PSG scenario, it opens the score and gradually waits for the final referee blow, securing the win and preparing for the next opponent, who most likely will be tougher than Real Sociedad. Real Sociedad vs. PSG odds for this outcome, as defined by Unibet, are 1.87.

Total Yellow Cards Under 5.5

The referee of the upcoming match is Michael Oliver, who is not among bloodthirsty referees who pull yellow cards out of the pockets for each foul. His average statistics in this season is 3.78 cards per match, and given that everything is almost settled in this pair, there are no expectations of a heated match with many fouls and clashes. Even the first leg, guided by Marco Guida (with average 4.96 yellow cards per match), saw only two yellow cards. Unibet evaluates this Real Sociedad vs. PSG tip with odds of 1.63.

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