Manchester City vs. Chelsea Predictions and Tips

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
16 February 2024, 12:00

The 25th round of the Premier League brings once one of the most exciting confrontations in England between Manchester City and Chelsea. Manchester City is still one of the best teams in Europe and is aiming at another Premier League title, given that winning this match will put them on top of the table once again, while Chelsea is stuck in 10th place with no real prospects. In these circumstances, this match can be another easy-walk for Manchester City, given that Chelsea can’t really resist in head to head clashes since the 2021 Champions League final with 7 matches (6 losses and 1 draw). 

Manchester City vs. Chelsea Preview 

Manchester City Preview

After getting a relatively easy victory against Copenhagen (3-1), in the first round of UEFA Champions League play offs, Pep Guardiola’s team extended their winning streak to 11 matches in all competitions. This season, City faced more pressure from Liverpool and Arsenal in the Premier League in certain moments of the season, but it is getting evident that the opponents still do not have the capacity to withstand the title race and if City will be victorious in the round, they will find themselves on the top, having 1 point advantage over Liverpool and 3 points over Arsenal. After recovering one of the best Guardiola’s playmakers Kevin De Bruyne, the team is on the run, with the last time they lost points was in mid-December, when Crystal Palace secured a draw on 90+5 minute. Moreover, City waits for once-dangerous Chelsea at the Etihad, where they are unbeaten for 22 matches (18 wins, 4 draws).

Chelsea Preview

There is still no clear answer to what will happen to Chelsea given its second season instability and obvious losing temper of Mauricio Pochettino due to the inability to bring structural changes. Once again the Blues seem to find its game, having two victories in a row, but in the case of Chelsea fans never know for sure what to expect in the next match. The toughest dilemma for Pochettino is Tiago Silva - with the Brazilian heading the defence team gets the much needed experience and spirit but at the same time unacceptable number of mistakes that lead to conceded goals, as it was with lost matches with Liverpool and Wolves. In the first round, Chelsea were lucky to have the crazy 4-4 draw but coming to the Etihad to face City in almost its best shape will be a serious challenge for Chelsea.

Betting Tips for Manchester City vs. Chelsea

Half Time/Full Time - Manchester City

Manchester City has secured a half time win in the last 3 of 4 home matches. Given Chelsea’s weak away form - 16 points in 12 matches, with 22 goals conceded, there are no real chances for Pochettino to withstand City’s pressure in this match. With its current squad, Chelsea can’t build their game on pressing or well-structured combinations due to the rawness of most of the players. Manchester City vs. Chelsea odds for this outcome are 1.92, as evaluated by Unibet.

Chelsea Shots on Target Under 3.5 

The upcoming match will most likely be completely different from the first-round crazy draw. That match saw City’s most unconfident play in the midfield zone and defensive mistakes and Chelsea should not count on that to repeat again. In these circumstances it is more expectable to see City dominating with rare counter attacks from Chelsea youngsters, most of whom have problems with finishing. Unibet gives 1.57 for this Manchester City vs. Chelsea tip.

Kevin De Bruyne to Assist - Yes

The recovery of the Belgian was a real pleasure for Guardiola and fans, since De Bruyne is still one of the key midfielders in modern football. He assisted in each of the City’s four games in 2024, given that he was in the starting lineup in only two of them. His duo with Erling Haaland, who aims to be the best goalscorer for the second season in the row, with already 16 goals, has all the chances to bear fruits in the upcoming match. Unibet gives 2.75 for this Manchester City vs. Chelsea prediction.

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