Mali vs. Burkina Faso Predictions and Tips

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
30 January 2024, 13:23

Both teams are the underdogs of the tournament, who did not show a bright game, but achieved the results necessary to get into the playoffs. Mali finished the group stage with one hard-fought victory over South Africa, finishing the other two matches in a draw (1-1 with Tunisia and 0-0 with Namibia). Burkina Faso got out of a rather difficult group, leaving Algeria, one of the nominal favourites of the tournament, behind the playoffs, losing the first place only to Angola. In this match, Mali vs. Burkina Faso odds indicate approximately equal chances for both teams, which is confirmed by the position of the teams both in terms of building the game and realisation of the moments.

Mali vs. Burkina Faso Preview 

Mali Preview

Mali traditionally for itself plays in a closed style, having a good roster of players which allows it to build a defensive game. Eric Chelle, like most underdog coaches, prefers to play 0-0 than 3-3, which has been repeatedly confirmed by the team's results. Reaching the quarterfinals will be a serious achievement for Mali, so there is little doubt about the motivation of the players even though there was no obvious plan in attack in every game so far.

Burkina Faso Preview

Burkina Faso also did not reach the stars in the group stage and, like Mali, finished with one victory. Interestingly, in each match of Burkina Faso, decisive events took place already in added time - the winning goal against Mauritania at 90+6 minutes, a decisive conceded goal from Algeria at 90+5, and a decisive goal from Angola at 90+2. Also, the team does not shine too much in attack, scoring only one goal from the game (the other 2 goals from the penalty spot). However, based on individuals like Bernard Traore, former Chelsea and Lyon player, Burkinabes may need only one chance to get the result needed.

Betting Tips for Mali vs. Burkina Faso

Both Teams to Score

Despite the disappointing results in the attacking actions of each of the teams, both teams have someone to score. In addition, the motivation of the playoffs plays a role and despite the lacklustre performance in the group stage, both teams can give the match of life. William Hill evaluates this Mali vs. Burkina Faso prediction with odds of 2.31.

Mali or Burkina Faso to Win by One Goal - Yes

In this match, as in many matches of the playoffs of African tournaments, one goal often decides everything. Both teams are determined to advance to the quarterfinals at any cost, which is why, at the first opportunity, instead of increasing the advantage, they will try to preserve what they have. This interesting Mali vs. Burkina Faso tip is evaluated by William Hill with odds of 2.54. 

Highest Scoring Half - Second Half

As noted, Burkina Faso's matches in this tournament are marked by performance in the last minutes and in the second half as a whole. It is unlikely that one of the teams is able to decide the outcome of the match in the first half, which is why it is worth counting on events and goals closer to the end of the match. William Hill evaluates this outcome with odds of 2.17. 

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