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Liverpool vs. Manchester City Predictions and Tips

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
7 March 2024, 20:13

The most important match of the season will be held at Anfield, where Liverpool will host Manchester City. The title race in the Premier League is heated, with Liverpool (63 points), Manchester City (62 points), and Arsenal (61 points) competing for the league title this season. In the current situation, every point is worth a fortune and all three teams are in enormous form, chasing their hopes of ending the season at the top of the table. In the first-round match, the teams played 1-1 and it seemed like a fair result at that time. In the upcoming clash, the stakes are way higher and the result of this match can seriously influence the fight for the title.

Liverpool vs. Manchester City Preview 

Liverpool Preview

After a disappointing loss to Arsenal (3-1) with an unacceptable amount of defensive mistakes, Liverpool is flying high over its opponents, having a streak of 5 consecutive wins, in addition to a cup win over Chelsea in the final (1-0). Liverpool’s game is not without a flops or lack of initiative in certain matches, but thanks to the character and fighting spirit, the Reds manage to stay afloat and get three points no matter what. This was especially the case in the last Premier League match, when Liverpool secured the win over Nottingham only at 90+9 minute. 

Manchester City Preview 

Manchester City has an even more impressive run, not losing for 19 matches in a row. The team also favourable statistics in a head to head match with Liverpool, with 2 wins and 1 draw in the last three matches. The goal of City for this season is repeating last year’s success, when Citizens won both the Premier League and Champions League. While the Champions League opponent in the first play off round is no match for current Guardiola’s team, full concentration is given to the domestic championship, where the advantage is not so favourable for Manchester as it was in previous seasons. This match is a perfect chance for Pep Guardiola to reduce the small one-point gap from Liverpool and put themselves at the top of the table. At the same time, the Spaniard admits that there are still plenty of matches left and not getting three points in the upcoming match will not be considered as a catastrophe.

Betting Tips for Liverpool vs. Manchester City


Both teams do not have any visible weak spots and the coaches are well-aware of each other’s tactics and potential manoeuvres. At the same time, the time is not ripe for both Guardiola and Klopp to invent something tactically extraordinary since the consequences can be dire. As both teams almost perfectly balance each other in all the field zones with the only advantage of City is the injury of Alisson, the draw, as it was in the first-round match, seems very likely. Unibet gives 3.91 for this Liverpool vs. Manchester City prediction.

Total Goals Under 3.5

There is also no need to wait for plenty of goals, as it could have been the case in the internal cup clashes, where both coaches prefer rotating the squad. Moreover, both teams currently experience several issues when it comes to scoring goals, with City struggling with Chelsea and securing a win over Manchester United only in the last 15 minutes, while Liverpool this season loves scoring in the stoppage time, as it was with Darwin Nunes’s goal at 90+9 against Nottingham. Liverpool vs. Manchester City odds for this outcome, as defined by Unibet, are 1.65.

Total Corners Over 10.5

Given the likelihood of an oversaturated midfield and centres of defence, there is no shame in resorting to simple flank play with crosses, given that both teams have such players as Erling Haaland and Darwin Nunez in the squad. Flank game is a well-known synonym of a big number of corners in the match, and the first-round match, going by this scenario, saw both teams having 15 corners. In the upcoming clash, there are all reasons to believe that there will be a high amount of corners and Unibet gives 1.88 for this Liverpool vs. Manchester City tip.

Remember to gamble responsibly. Tips provided serve only as a recommendation, not as a call to action. Always rely on your own judgement.