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Liverpool vs. Chelsea Predictions and Tips

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
31 January 2024, 14:54

Liverpool vs. Chelsea Preview 

7 last games between two teams ended with a draw which made it the longest draw streak between top clubs in England. Liverpool aims to end this streak waiting on Anfield in a decent shape with a run of 10 games unbeaten (7 wins, 3 draws). Chelsea faces this game after a stressful cup draw with Aston Villa (0-0) which brought another midweek game in the next weeks, making the hard schedule even more exhausting. Both of the teams solve different tasks and have different priorities - Liverpool is one of the main contenders for the title this season, while Chelsea still does not lose hope to cling on one of the European Championship spots and hope for a cup win. Within these settings, the teams will face each other at Anfield.

Chelsea Preview

Chelsea still disappoints fans with its unstable game and lack of structural improvements. Boehly’s plan to rely on talented young players seems to be failing in highly competitive Premier League matches and Londoners combine well-played games with outsiders (6-1 with Middlesbrough, 4-0 with Preston) with obvious failures (2-1 defeat to Wolves, 2-0 to Everton). There is still no clear picture of how Mauricio Pochettino wants his players to play as well as no well-articulated pressing tactics. Chelsea still relies on luck and individual qualities of certain players and faces Liverpool as unstable as they were in the autumn.

Liverpool Preview

Liverpool’s most shocking news came from Klopp, who announced that it is his last season in Liverpool. Undoubtedly, this gave players a motivation boost to end Klopp’s era in most fashioned style, winning at least some titles, including Premier League. The reds are currently in first place and have a solid 5 point gap from Manchester City which they are eager to maintain and expand. An unexpected injury of Mohammed Salah will obviously affect the attacking potential of Liverpool, but Klopp has solid substitutes such as Diogo Jota and Luis Diaz, which is why replacing Salah will not be a serious problem.

Betting Tips for Liverpool vs. Chelsea 

Handicap Liverpool (-1)

Even though similar considerations were at play during the last games between the two, with Liverpool being a clear favourite in the pre-match analytics, this time the draw streak should come to end. Liverpool has motivation, a solid squad roster and coherent game, while Chelsea lacks most of the components to have the potential to win this game, except, perhaps, luck. Liverpool vs. Chelsea odds for this outcome are estimated with 1.99 by Parimatch.

Total Over 2.5 and 4-6 Yellow Cards - Yes

Despite recent boring results between teams in terms of goals (1:1, 0:0, 0:0), this match promises to stand out given the motivation of Liverpool and Chelsea’s constant defensive mistakes. Moreover, remembering Chelsea’s performances with top teams this season - 2:1 with United, 4:4 with City, and 4:1 with Tottenham, it is unlikely that this match will end with no goals scored. Moreover, all of the matches between two teams are usually heated and every last 4 games there were 4-6 yellow cards given. William Hill evaluates this Liverpool vs. Chelsea prediction with odds of 2.80.

Cole Palmer to Score 

An interesting Liverpool vs. Chelsea tip given that Cole Palmer is undoubtedly the best Chelsea player this season. While initially being seen as a spontaneous transfer he proved to be the key player in Pochettino's game. With already 9 goals and 4 assists, he had never left a pitch without a goal to top 6 teams scoring to Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Tottenham. The only team left is Liverpool and in this match he can set this unique individual record. WIlliam Hill gives 3.75 for this outcome.

Remember to gamble responsibly. Tips on this page serve only as a recommendation, not as a call to action. Always rely on your own judgement.