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Jordan vs. Qatar Predictions and Tips

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
9 February 2024, 13:02

Jordan and Qatar will face off in the final of one of the most significant events in Asian football this year. Both teams went through a difficult path to the finals despite the fact that they were not considered favourites in the pre-tournament layouts. Qatar, as the host of this year's Asian Cup, is intensively developing football in the country, and this is bearing fruit. Despite their poor performance at the World Cup, the Qataris have reached the semi-finals of the Arab Cup and have now reached the final of the Asian Cup, having drawn only once and won 5 victories. The Jordanians did not look so confident, but nevertheless reached the final, beating South Korea, one of the main favourites of the tournament, in the semifinals. The final promises to be interesting, given that both teams approach the match in optimal lineups and exorbitant motivation.

Jordan vs. Qatar Preview 

Jordan Preview

Hardly anyone expected to see the Jordanians in the finals, given the uneven performances of the team in the group stage and the passage to the playoffs from third place. Despite this, the team takes on intransigence and character when the skill of the players is lacking. The head coach of the Jordanians also emphasises that his team are fighters who will battle to the last. This was especially significant in the semi-final match against South Korea, when it was clear that the Jordanians demoralised the opponent (0 shots on target for the entire match), despite the serious difference in the quality of the game. Key players such as Yazan al Najaf and Moussa al Tamara are in great shape, but the team will face the same unyielding Qatar in the final.

Qatar Preview

Qatar, despite its status as the host of the tournament and a title holder, was not considered the main contender for victory, giving this status to Iran and South Korea. Despite this, the Qataris had an excellent group stage (3 wins, 5-0 goal difference) and looked confident in the playoff matches. Of all the games in this cup, we can only single out the game with Uzbekistan, where the Qataris looked winless and sluggish. In the rest of the matches, the team, led by the main star of the national team Akram Afif, shows the most coherent and dominant game. Given the factor of the home tournament, Qatar also undoubtedly has a psychological advantage, entering the final match in front of its fans, of whom there will probably be an overwhelming majority at Lusail Stadium.

Betting Tips for Jordan vs. Qatar

Qatar to Win

Despite the fact that the Jordanians are a dark horse in the upcoming match and may surprise, Qatar still looks more preferable based on the pre-match layouts. The team sees both a game and a psychological advantage, which is also reflected in the Jordan vs. Qatar odds, where the named guests are considered a small favourite. It's worth agreeing with the bookmakers' assessment and consider Jordan vs. Qatar prediction for win of the tournament hosts, evaluated by 2.15 by Parimatch.

Total Under 2.5 Goals

Given the status of the match and pragmatism of Jordan in their build-up for attack it seems that there will not be a lot of goals in this match. Considering that Qatar seems to be outweighing the nominal hosts in terms of class, Jordan will most likely give the possession to Qataris and look for their chances as it was in the clash with South Korea. However, unlike South Korea, Qatar is a die hard in defence, having conceded only 4 goals in the tournament. Parimatch evaluates this Jordan vs. Qatar tip with odds of 1.54.

First Half Winner - Qatar

Qatar usually aims at an active beginning of the game, which allows them to stun opponents and have plenty of goal chances. This plan proved to be fruitful given that in 6 matches of the Asian Cup, Qatar secured first half wins in 4 of them, proceeding to maintain the advantage in the second half. Similar scenario seems to be a logical choice for the upcoming match, given Qatar’s psychological advantage as a tournament host. Parimatch evaluates this Jordan vs. Qatar tip with odds of 2.85.

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