Inter Milan vs. Atletico Madrid Predictions and Tips

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
19 February 2024, 16:58

In one of the most interesting pairings in the playoffs this season, Italian Inter will face Spaniards from Atletico. After turbulent years, Inter became one of the dominant forces in Italy in recent years which was confirmed by being in the finals of Champions League finals in the last season, and constant fight for Serie A championship. This season, Inter is steadily going to be the champions of Italy, having a 9 points gap from the second Juventus. Atletico, on the other hand, having difficulties this season, stuck in the 4th place in La Liga with no potential to fight for the first place. Atletico's main problem this season is away games, which they are constantly losing, which in turn, cost them many points. Keeping this in mind, Diego Simeone’s team is coming to Milan to face Nerazzurri at their home ground. 

Inter Milan vs. Atletico Madrid Preview 

Inter Milan Preview

Simone Inzaghi managed to build one of the most cohesive teams in European football, having a very well balanced structure in all the lines without prioritising certain tactics. The main advantage of Milan is its flexibility which allowed them to pass the distance of Serie A smoothly, with the last defeat dated the end of September. In the Champions League campaign, Nerazzurri finished second but lost to the first Sociedad only by additional statistics. Perhaps, this was for the better, since Sociedad is facing PSG in the playoffs, while Inter has a certain advantage over feverish Atletico.

Atletico Madrid Preview

Atletico's main weakness this season is away games - if not considering Copa del Rey’s away win over Lugo (1-3), and win against Granada (0-1), Atletico was winless in 8 matches. At the same time, Spaniards got into a relatively easy group in Champions League, consisting of Lazio, Feyenoord and Celtic, which they managed to win easily with 14 points without a single loss. Diego Simeone admitted the class of their opponents and he is well-aware that playing an away game in San Siro is going to be the toughest challenge for his team.

Betting Tips for Inter Milan vs. Atletico Madrid

Inter Milan to Win

Judging by Inter Milan vs. Atletico Madrid odds, Inter is favourite in this match and there is a reason for such considerations. In this season, Neradzurri look coherent and solid in their pressing and attacking build up, going through the Serie A distance extremely plain. Atletico had a lot of problems during the season which cost Simeone’s team the battle for the championship in La Liga. Given that the team still rotates well-structured games with very weak performances, Inter looks more preferable, considering that the match will be played in Italy. Unibet evaluates this outcome with odds of 1.82.

Total Under 2.5 Goals

Given the status and importance of the match, it is hard to expect that both teams are eager to engage in a shootout. Atletico, given its problems in away matches this season will most likely try to hold on until the home match, while Inter is always pragmatic in the decisive matches, as it was in the key match of Serie A against Juventus (0-1). Thus, it is hard to expect that there will be a lot of goals in the upcoming match. Unibet gives 1.68 for this Inter Milan vs. Atletico Madrid tip.

Yellow Cards Total Over 5.5

Istvan Kovacs was designated for this match as a referee and his overall statistics indicate that he is eager to give yellow cards with an average of 5.3 per match. In his last UEFA Champions League Match (PSG-Newcastle, 4-1), he gave 7 yellow cards. Given that Simeone’s Atletico is one of the most fouling teams in Europe, the amount of fouls and cards in the upcoming clash should be high. Unibet gives 1.75 for this Inter Milan vs. Atletico Madrid prediction.

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