Fluminense vs Cerro Porteño Preview

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
16 May 2024, 15:17

The fifth round of the Group A of Copa Libertadores will see another match between Fluminene and Cerro Porteño. Fluminense, occupying the first place after 4 matches with 8 points, has solid chances to reach the playoff stages if they will manage to secure the win in the upcoming match. Cerro Porteño, on the other hand, placed second with 5 points after 4 games, and hopes to get three points to equal Fluminense and attempt to advance to the next round from the first place. The first-round match between the two ended with a 0-0 draw, with the teams did not show any formidable attacking prowess (0.38 xG from Cerro Porteño side against 0.18 xG from Fluminense). This match will set the stakes a bit higher, as Colo-Colo eagerly waits for the outcome of the match, also having 5 points after 4 games. 

Fluminense vs Cerro Porteño Albion 

Fluminense Preview

Fluminense started this season in a turbulent mode, still trying to find their game in the Brasileiro Serie A. After 6 rounds, the team is 17th, with only 5 points, which is certainly not what the fans want to see from one of the most successful teams in the history of Brazilian football. At the same time, things go pretty smoothly in Copa Libertadores, as Fluminense placed first in Group A after 4 games, having a 3 points advantage over Cerro Porteño and Colo-Colo. The team did not lose a single game, having twice defeated Colo-Colo (2-1, 1-0), and secured two draws with Cerro Porteño (0-0) and Alianza Lima (1-1). The key problem for the team is injuries of the key midfielders, such as Lele, Douglas Costa and Andre, who were expected to be the main stars of this season.

Cerro Porteño Preview 

Cerro Porteño seems to be quite on the run, given that the team has not lost for nine consecutive matches. The last loss happened in the first game of the group stage, when Cerro Porteño lost to Colo-Colo, conceding a goal at 90+4 minute. However, it should be comprehended that the team represents the Paraguayan Apertura, where the class of the teams is relatively lower than in Brazil. At the same time, the favourable track of wins is key for the psychological stance of the players amid the visit to Maracana.

Betting Predictions for Fluminense vs Cerro Porteño

Fluminense to Win

Despite the inconsistency in the local championship, Fluminense looks decent in Copa Libertadores, still occupying the first place after 4 games. Cerro Porteno, on the contrary, is stable in Paraguyan Apertura, but their performances in Copa Libertadores do not convince, as it was in the first-round match against Fluminense. Moreover, Fluminense have never lost to Cerro Porteno in their history, having 4 wins and 1 draw. For this Fluminense vs Cerro Porteño prediction, Parimatch gives 1.64.

Total Goals Under 2.5

With Fluminense still trying to find their game, the attack build-up of the team looks quite limited for now. Cerro Porteno, on the other hand, emphasises defensive football with a few goals scored. 4 matches of the team during this group stage of Copa Libertadores saw only 4 goals in total, with 2 of them scored in stoppage time. Moreover, matches between Fluminense and Cerro Porteno are generally low-scoring - only one match out of 5 saw more than 2 goals scored. Fluminense vs Cerro Porteño odds for this outcome, as defined by Parimatch, are 1.66.

Total Goals Fluminense Under 1.5

With a lot of key midfielders still injured, the creativity in between the lines, which is the main emphasis of Fernando Diniz’s football, is suffering a lot, which hinders the attacking capabilities. In this draw of Copa Libertadores, Fluminense scored more than 1 goal only in one match. For this Fluminense vs Cerro Porteño tip, Parimatch gives 1.85. 

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