Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona Predictions and Tips

Dumitru Palanchuk
Dumitru Palanchuk
15 March 2024, 14:17

Both clubs played in the Champions League playoffs in the midweek. Moreover, both of the teams advanced to the quarterfinals but during the matches a lot of energy and emotions were spent, especially in the case of Atletico. Barcelona played a difficult match with Napoli, in which the fate of the promotion was not clear until the last minutes. Atletico, in its turn, also played a crazy emotional match against Inter, which eventually reached the penalty shootout, where Jan Oblak saved the day for the capital club. Thus, the teams do not approach the upcoming match in ideal physical conditions, since a lot of effort was spent on the Champions League. In terms of physical conditions, it is not the right time for such a big match and it is possible that the teams will not be able to show their best game

Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona Preview 

Atletico Madrid Preview

Atletico was considered a clear outsider against the cohesive Inter, who is crushing the Italian Serie A this season. However, Diego Simeone once again showed that Atletico is one of the most adaptable teams in Europe and despite the poor results in La Liga, can fight well on the European level. Moreover, while most of the team’s problems lie in the away games, where Atletico lost too many points this season, the home games usually present a different, concentrated team that is able to win over the best clubs in Europe. It is worth noting that it was Atletico who brought the only defeat in La Liga to Real Madrid, La Liga’s leader this season.

Barcelona Preview 

Barcelona, despite Xavi’s departure at the end of season, still competes in the Champions League and even has the potential chances for La Liga, with the 8-points gap from Real Madrid. Barcelona is only one point away from the second Girona, and given that the main sensation of this La Liga season slowly begins to lose its momentum, the Catalans have all the chances to finish at least at the second place. Since the loss to Villarreal at the end of January, Barcelona has not lost for 9 consecutive matches, winning 6 of them. In the meantime, given the injuries of the key players, there is a feeling that the fatigue will take its toll in the nearest future, which was especially evident in the match of the last round against Mallorca (1-0). The match against Atletico will be crucial in assessing Barcelona’s claims to fight for the title until the very end.

Betting Tips for Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona


It seems that in the current conditions, both teams do not have the capabilities to win against each other. Having left a lot on the pitch during the Champions League matches, coupled with injuries and exhausting schedule will likely let both Simeone and Xavi to resort to energy-saving match. Unibet gives 3.65 for this Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona prediction.

Total Goals Under 3

If looking the last 20 head to head games, then more than 3 goals were scored in only three cases. And if we take only the matches in Madrid, then the statistics become even more obvious, because only in 1 of the last 19 full-time matches the teams scored 3 and more goals. Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona odds for this outcome, as defined by Unibet, are 1.77.

Total Corners Under 10.5

Given the potential energy-saving scenario, and the general playstyle of the teams’ head to head matches, it is unlikely that we will see a lot of moments in this match. Both Simeone and Xavi are pragmatic when it comes to the result and both of the teams do not earn a lot of corners recently. Atletico had less than 11 corners in the last 8 consecutive matches, while Barcelona had less than 10 corners in its last 5 out of 7 matches. Unibet gives 1.65 for this Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona tip.

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