Moving on up: Jodie Fieldhouse ready for Moto 3 switch

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SHE’S given the fast lads in Thundersport Superteens and across at EMRA a run for their money this year, but next season Jodie Fieldhouse will be taking on the big guns as she steps up to British Motostar.

After finishing third in this year’s Superteen series, Fieldhouse is making the step up to the BSB paddock in 2018 in the Moto 3 Standard class.

The 18-year-old from Weston-super-Mare will ride a Honda NSF250R next season, which is forcing her to part with her beloved restricted Aprilia RRV450R, Harvey, which has powered her to Superteen success and the EMRA RRV450R title this year.

Jodie has revealed she will race in the British Motostar Moto 3 Standard class next year with this fancy little piece of kit…

But there’s no room for too much sentimentality, as she knows she has to move on.

“We thought about it for a while before we came to a decision of where to go next year, what was going to be the best next step for me,” she said. “It was definitely time to go up to something else, but we needed to think about where to.

“We looked into Moto 3 and also looked at Superstock 600 too, but I’m quite small and in the end, the Moto 3 bike was the best fit for me. The first time I rode it I just loved it, I definitely made the right choice.”

The move comes after a strong second half of the season in Thundersport’s famous talent-finding championship, where she went from a tough start dogged by bike issues, to consistent front runner, podium visitor and race winner.

Jodie and the small, family-run Go Pink Racing team struggled as the season began with various issues with the 450. “We had a lot of problems with the bike early on, and then bad luck didn’t help,” she revealed.

“It wasn’t a good start, but we just kept working on through it trying to get it all to come together. Then around June, something finally happened and we just turned the corner.”

Celebrating her first Superteen win at Mallory Park in June…

Around that corner just happened to be Jodie’s first Superteens win, which came on her 18th birthday at Mallory Park.

“It was a special day that one, definitely one to remember. I’d had such a bad year until then, and then to come out at Mallory and win was just incredible.”

From that win on, she became one of the front runners in the series, claiming regular podiums as she racked up enough points to secure third at the end of the year.

And her mid to late season success may have perhaps been a bitter pill to swallow from some of her male rivals, who she admits often don’t like to be beaten by a girl.

While some female riders prefer to be viewed as one of the boys, there’s no mistaking that Jodie is a bit more of a girlie girl than most.

Naturally pretty with long blonde hair and decked out in her trademark pink leathers and bike, she enjoys bringing that side of her personality into the racing, and has no plans to change.

She likes pink things and cake. Pink cake…

“I like pink, so why not have a pink bike, leathers, everything! I get a lot of little girls coming up  to talk to me or ask for a photo, and it’s nice to get that kind of support.”

The girls may like her, but the same can’t always be said for the boys, who have been known to give her a bit of a hard time.

“A lot of them are great, are really supportive and encouraging but others can be horrible – those are the ones who just don’t like getting beaten by a girl.

“When I was having problems with the bike at the start of the year, some of them were saying all sorts of stuff, the usual about being a girl, but then of course I started to beat them, and kept beating them. That was quite good…”

Happy to have ended her run on the club racing scene on such a high, Jodie is now turning her attentions to the next adventure.

Her sponsor, Carrickeast Construction has purchased the new bike which she will run in Motostar, and having already ridden it once at Mallory Park, she is feeling upbeat about making the big step up.

“The bike was amazing and I gelled with it straight away but we have a lot of work to do and I know I’ve got a lot to learn. Everyone knows how hard the Moto 3 classes are, and I’m sure it’s going to be a massive change.

“But I’m excited. I know I can learn so much from being in that championship, and I want to learn and improve as quickly as I can. I would like to be able to finish the year in the top seven. If I can do that, I’ll be happy.”

*Images: Jodie Fieldhouse Racing and Colin Port

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