Isle of Man TT: The Daily Mathison – Tuesday June 5

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IT was a day of two halves for Daley Mathison yesterday as he endured a tough Monster Energy Supersport race but then bounced back with an 11th place finish in the RL 360 Superstock scrap…

“It’s been a mixture of a day to be honest. But let’s start with the Supersport. I had a good starting position, I was quite excited about the Supersport, I think it’s probably one of my best machines in terms of my own capability.

I made a good start to the race, I was passed on lap two by someone and I got a bit frustrated because albeit he caught me and passed me, he was holding me up quite a bit through the corners so I made a lunge on the brakes into Ballacraine and just overcooked it.

Mathison scored his best ever finish in the RL360 Superstock race, bagging 11th - less than 25s off a top-10...
Mathison scored his best ever finish in the RL360 Superstock race, bagging 11th – less than 25s off a top-10…

The problem with that is if you overcook there, you can’t sort of run on and get round, you’ve got to stop, turn the bike round, come back and go at it again so I must’ve lost about a minute and a half to two minutes there which pretty much ruined the race really.

But I wasn’t going to stop, I kept going but it took me a couple of miles to get it out my head and get back in again. I think it was Davey Todd passed me on lap two and I got tagged on and it geed me on again.

I came in for my pit stop and it was good, it was clean, I just left the bike in gear and when I went to pull away I went through a gear again, not thinking that I’d just gone into second, so I hit my pit lane limiter which limits RPM and it was limiting RPM at like 8000 RPM in second gear which is unfortunately 63km so then that was me with a 30 second penalty on top of the two minutes I’d already lost so unfortunately it put me well out the running, I finished like 23rd or something.

I was massively, massively disappointed. I do put a lot of pressure on myself and I do want to do well I think we’d have been knocking on the door of at least top 15 maybe even top 10 had we not lost the time. We do get another shot on Wednesday, so I’ve got to make that one count. We got a promising last lap, so I think we could be there in the next race.

I didn’t beat myself up too much because around here you have to just get on with it, and we had the Superstock race just over an hour later. There was time to have a shower, freshen up, change my undersuit and get ready, dry the helmet out and stuff and then straight back on it.

In the first Supersport race, Mathison overran at Ballacraine and was then penalised for speeding through pit lane...
In the first Supersport race, Mathison overran at Ballacraine and was then penalised for speeding through pit lane…

I made a steady start – I’ve been struggling all week in the first laps but I seem to get back into a groove in the second lap. It seemed a long race to be honest, but we had a pretty good pit stop, I made sure I didn’t go over the speed limit coming out and I was really geed up for it then.

I put a good third lap in and then the fourth lap was just unbelievable, like everything just lined up and people always say it’s easy to do good sectors but it’s hard to do a good lap, so it was just about stringing it all together. I think I had James Cowton in my sight so someone to chase down was a bit helpful, finally got him and passed him and brought her home in 11th.

It’s horrible on that fourth lap because you’re always listening for issues with the engine and stuff like that so I was thinking ‘come on, we’re nearly there now, I hope I don’t run out of fuel’, just daft things like that.

When the boys said I’d done 128mph I was just ecstatic really because that is the fastest I’ve ever been around here. Even on my Superbike last year it was 127.4 or something so I can officially say I’ve done a 128 and  I think there’s more to come. That was the stocker so we’ll see how the Superbike goes and then try make amends in the Supersport on Wednesday.”

*Main and top image: Double Red

*Bottom side image: Gary Howlett

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