Category: Say What?!?

Editor’s note: No-one likes a sore loser…

THIS week we’re releasing our shortlists for the UK Clubsport riders of 2018 and once again are calling on

Opinion: Dave Stewart on Oliver’s Mount

I don’t usually comment on other organisers specifically, but for once I think there is a point in doing

Opinion: Supertwins vs Super Twins

WINDS of change are blowing in Supertwin paddocks around the country, and everyone's talking about new machinery that's arrived

Opinion: Club racing will adopt electric bikes

THIS week the racing world took on one of its biggest changes in recent years as MotoGP officially revealed

Opinion: The urge to be first…the down side of social media

OVER the weekend, the road racing world was dealt another cruel blow when Dan Hegarty lost his life during

Opinion: Misuse of the word ‘pro’ killed the Deadpool stuntwoman

DECEASED Deadpool 2 stuntwoman SJ Harris wasn't a professional motorcycle racer – I rode with her, and I know

Opinion: Tighter paddock security can only be a good thing…

IT’S been the talking point in and around the club racing paddocks for over a week now. The theft of

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