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BackTest For Your Betting Strategies

Optimize your wagering tactics with our free BackTest feature, tailored to refine your betting strategies for optimal results using Team Strength Rate.

How Does It Work?

Free BackTest of betting strategies from ClubSport

BackTest from ClubSport makes it possible to analyse the football betting strategy based on our own analytical data - Team Strength Rate.

In this tool, we provide information about the last 500 matches, including 100 matches from each of the top 5 leagues. This allows for analysis and evaluation in various European first-tier leagues.


  • Strength Rate Filter. You can set the minimum and maximum strength index values for the favourite and the outsider. For example, if you want to exclude matches where the rate difference is too big or too small, you can set up the appropriate filters.
  • Odds Filters. These filters allow to select matches based on the preferences for betting odds on the favourite and the outsider. For example, you can set maximum odds values to exclude matches with low odds for the win of a favourite according to the Strength Rate.

Profitability chart

The chart shows the profitability of the strategy over time. The X-axis is the time interval, the Y—axis is the profit or loss in monetary units.

Additionally, you can see:

  • the total number of games that match the selected filters.
  • the number of games that were profitable. 
  • the number of games that resulted in a loss.
  • the total amount of profit or loss on bets based on the strategy.
  • maximum profit in the match

Prediction Settings

The prediction is based on the following formula:

Team1 Strength Rate - Team2 Strength Rate = N

  • If N ≥ X, then Team1 is predicted to win.
  • If 0 < N < X, then a Draw is predicted.
  • If N ≤ 0, then Team2 is predicted to win.

X - variable of Prediction Generation Factor.


The final table provides information about each match: dates, teams, winning odds, prediction result and other important variables for analysis.

Remember that the results of the BackTest are based on historical data and do not guarantee results in the future, and can only be the first step before decision-making. It is important to conduct your own data analysis and make sure that they are reliable before betting on a certain outcome.

Please do not consider our predictions for the game according to the Team Strength Rate as a call for betting. Rely primarily on your own opinion and do not forget that betting needs to be approached responsibly.