Texan McDaniel to return for Thundersport finale

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AMERICAN racer AJ McDaniel is plotting a return to UK shores as he looks set to head back to his ‘home’ track at Snetterton for Thundersport’s 2018 finale.

The Texan, who took third overall this past year in the Freshman 600 category, has been forced to temporarily leave behind his British club racing family for a mandatory military post close to his home in the U.S. of A.

But Thundersport’s number one troublemaker is refusing to go quietly, and insists he’s going to be back at the end of this season for a one-off round on a big bore Honda VTR1000.

“And I hollered at ‘er, I ain’t playin’ no games I said, ‘Giddy up Bessie – we ain’t got time to lollygag!'”…

“I’ve lined up a wildcard at the season finale on the RS Racing SP1, but I had to turn down the ride in Golden Era Superbikes and a couple sponsorship opportunities because I’m leaving,” he told UK Clubsport. “Long story short, I’m being sent back to the base I was at before I was here – Oklahoma.”

“The plan is to try to do the minimal amount of time there they require in order to get back over here. I have seven years left until retirement so I’m going to be banging  away at all the options to get my ass moved back over here before that.”

He might not be on British racing circuits much this year, but McDaniel has already signed up to race with Texas’s biggest motorcycle racing club – one which has seen the likes of Ben Spies, Colin Edwards and Kevin Schwantz come through its ranks.

“I’ve joined the CMRA (Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association), which spans across two tracks in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Unfortunately, I’ll miss the first round by default as I won’t be back in time.

“But I’ve decided to take my Honda back with me and put a newer engine in. Racing it leaves me with a level of comfort, however I’ll be in the same boat as 2017.

“It’s going to be new circuits, new championship, new tires (he meant tyres), different weather… I’ll have to learn it all over again! And I’ll be praying for rain – lots of rain.

“I’m extremely thankful to be coming back to race at the last round. In a perfect world, it could only take one to three years to come back.”

We’re counting on it AJ, we’re counting on it…

*Main image: Ian Boldy

*Side image: Kerry Rawson

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