Review: WMB Pride Motorbike care kit

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THERE is a difference between flash kit and well-kept kit, but WMB’s new bike and gear care range of products gets your equipment looking like it’s straight from the factory floor.

WMB (We Move Bikes) is, as the name suggests, a motorcycle transport and logistics specialist – but more recently the firm has launched a line of cleaning and maintenance solutions for both showroom (or garage) and track performance.

Few bike shampoos are going to do you better than the WMB Pride Wash, which could be your godsend on a rainy race weekend when dirt and mud, if you happen to run off track, wreak havoc…

Currently, the company’s range consists of four products – the green hand-pumped Wash and three aerosol cans of Shine, Revive and Lube.

Revive is great for those days when you feel like you’re racing midges more than anything. And if you let the solution dry on your helmet before wiping clean, it pulls those little flies right off.

It’s purpose-made to clear off helmets, leathers and other gear items, and it has a refreshing scent to boot – something we bikers could do more with. At this time of year, if you’re out riding enduros, flat-tracking or clearing big triples at the motocross park in prep for race season, Revive works just as well on off-road gear.

I’m notorious for putting my kit in the garage and leaving it without a thought all winter, so I was thoroughly impressed that the spray pulled four-month-old midges off my lid in a matter of seconds. That’s two thumbs up from me.

Keep the Wash bottle in your van for rainy race weekends – if you run off-track into the mud, the green shampoo should be your best friend at the end of the hose when it’s time to get your bike clean.

And if you happen to keep it rubber side down, impress the sponsors with a polish job from the Shine spray. It works on nearly every surface of the bike, including plastics, fibreglass, carbon, chromes and metals.

While it’s still a bit chilly to make it on track to test the Lube, it at least feels equivalent or better than the best products we’ve tested here at UK Clubsport HQ.

Each bottle retails for under nine quid a pop, and can be found at

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