Manx GP: Cooper beats Farrell to Lightweight win

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DARREN Cooper redeemed the disappointment of a runner-up finish this morning as he beat Andy Farrell to victory in this afternoon’s MGP Lightweight race.

But it wasn’t a clear win for the Lancastrian – Farrell led from the start of the race, stretching out a 1.2 second advantage by Ramsey over Cooper and 5.5 over Cooper’s fellow Junior race rostrum finisher Jamie Williams.

As they came around to the grandstand after lap one, the Irishman had edged slightly further out into the lead with 3.4 seconds the gap from Cooper as Gary Vines sat 8.5 seconds further back.

Cooper cleaved the gap to Farrell throughout the second lap, closing to within 0.75 seconds of the leader, with Barry Lee Evans just 6 seconds behind. And when the front-men hit the Bungalow, Cooper had finally taken over the lead with a second to spare over Farrell and nearly ten over Evans.

With a slight advantage in the pits as the Supertwin-filled field came in for fuel, Cooper stretched his lead to six seconds over Farrell as they arrived at Glen Helen on lap three, and nearly ten seconds as they began the fourth and final lap.

And the gap continued to grow all the way to the finish line as Cooper bagged the Manx Grand Prix Supporters Club Lightweight win over 20 seconds clear of Farrell and some 43 seconds ahead of Evans.

“I’m made up with that, it’s just mega,” Cooper said. “I really tried up there and I thought I’d just try and pull a bit of a gap – my pit boards were mega and the bike was working mint, had no problems at all.”

“The clutch never missed a beat. I have to thank Ben Sergeant for helping us out with the bike and Kev Stephenson from Rev2Race – the engine is just mega.”

“Paul Owen looked after us and told me to just stay at the Manx and keep my head down, and I’m glad I have.”

MGP Supporters Club Lightweight Manx Grand Prix top 10 (provisional)

  1. Darren Cooper
  2. Andy Farrell
  3. Barry Lee Evans
  4. Victor Lopez Santos
  5. Nick Jefferies
  6. Marc Ironside
  7. Paul Potchy Williams
  8. Gareth Evans
  9. Rob Whittall
  10. Peter Wilkinson

*Click here for the full results round up from the Manx Grand Prix and Classic TT

*Image: IOMTT

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