How to go Club Racing: Enter a race

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You have everything needed to get geared up, get your bike to the track, fix it, clean it, upgrade it and race it – now it’s time to enter your first race.

If you’ve already chosen a club, look at its calendar for the year and plan which events you can make and which ones you can’t. A little planning this time of year goes a long way if racing isn’t your only priority.

You may be in it for a full season, a few wildcards or just a one off. But let’s be honest, as long as you don’t crash it’s not going to be possible to walk away from your first race and say, “never doing that again.” So plan on at least two weekends, if not many more.

Most, if not all, bike racing clubs in Britain still accept entries by snail mail which you can print off, fill out and post easy enough. However, some organisations have adopted online entry methods in an attempt to streamline office procedures.

So in the cases of Bemsee, Thundersport, PDMCC, Andreas Racing Association, the Manx Grand Prix, Classic TT and Isle of Man TT, entering a race is as simple as plugging in a few details online and coughing up some coin.

While a number of clubs are still sticking with the tried-and-true post method, more and more are moving to use the internet each year. Apparently it’s meant to save trees or something like that.

If you’re feeling dedicated, some clubs even provide season entry discounts to save you some dosh in the long run if you know you’ll be launching a full campaign.

Your appetite for competition on that pivotal race weekend may seem insatiable, but don’t get too ambitious at the first event and enter every class imaginable. In other words, if you’re riding an early R6, be aware that entering the Pre-Injection 600, Formula 600 and Open classes is going to make for a knackered racer.

Stick with one or two classes for your debut to make sure you get the hang of trackside procedures and, more importantly, so that you give yourself time to breathe between the excitement of races.

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