How to go Club Racing: Get a licence

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GETTING a race licence couldn’t be easier, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or a veteran – it’s the same piece of paper.

It all starts with the Auto Cycle Union (ACU), Britain’s governing body for motorcycle sport. Head over to their website or, for the quick version, here’s the Road Race licence form.

When they say road race, they don’t actually mean you’re going straight to the TT – road racing is the ACU’s blanket term for short circuit and a number of forms of other racing. And if you’re looking at drag, sprint, hillclimb, pocket bike, supermoto or scooter racing, you’ll use the exact same form.

The biggest thing to note when inking up this document is the difference between Novice Rider and Intermediate Novice Rider. The only difference is that Novice Riders are restricted to 600cc machinery, and Intermediate Novices, who must be 18 or older, have no restriction.

Barring that point, the rest of the form is actually quite self explanatory. Read it through and you won’t have to play phone tag with the ACU sorting out any details.

It isn’t just ‘sign here and you’re a racer’, however, as you must also complete the¬†Competitor Training Course (CTC) and the Basic Rider Assessment (BRA). Keep checking back here¬†for more course dates to be added throughout 2018, but there are already 10 scheduled so get to registering.

After all the necessary and boring stuff, you’re going to choose your club. Stick with us next week as we show you what to look for when picking the right one for you.

And for those more visually inclined, here’s Thundersport boss Dave Stewart walking through the process of getting a licence…

*Main image: Alex James

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