Elf Moto 4 Tech tested

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MARC VDS Honda, KRT World Superbike, Kawasaki Pucetti, they all use Elf engine lubricants, and there’s a reason – it’s bloody good.

I’ve used everything in the greasy black spectrum that is motorcycle oils – from store brands out of desperation, to the most expensive and most popular blends a club racer can buy.

By far the greatest wheelie I’ve ever managed with Elf’s Moto 4 Tech oil…

And to be honest, I haven’t noticed much of a difference until now, it goes in thick and it comes out thin. That’s basically how it goes. But I wanted to see if this new Elf Moto 4 Tech blend changed the status quo of road and track lubricants available at a reasonable price.

Mind, I drained my Triumph 675 of whatever was in it and, while not chunky, it came out faster than a fart in a fan factory and quite translucent.

I topped up the bike to the manufacturer-recommended [about] three litres, packed up the van and headed to Croft Circuit to see if I could feel a change in the working internals of the torquey triple.

After a few laps of finding my feet again on the circuit and making sure all was copacetic with the Daytona (as you do), I got stuck in and gave the oil a good hard test.

From the first determined crack of the throttle, the difference was immediately noticeable. All the way from bogging out of quite possibly the slowest corner in Britain (the hairpin) to the flat-out Jim Clark Esses, the engine felt butter smooth.

Gear selection was more crisp and I could almost feel a better connection between my throttle hand and the crankshaft, as if all the heavier bottom-end components had shed weight. Even the well-worn clutch seemed to have a better bite to it.

I haven’t had the Triumph dyno tested, so I can’t say whether there’s a definitive power advantage to be gained over some other oil. But we’ve all had that feeling you get when you put something new on or in your bike, and you know it’s making you faster – something that makes you want to say, “Get in!”

Yes there may be lower viscosity oils you can buy, but Autosessive has a deal ongoing for a four-litre jug of Elf Moto 4 Tech 10w-50 at £30.58 with free shipping. If that’s not a hell of a good deal for a quality high-performance road and track oil, I’m not sure what is.

*Main and action image: UK Clubsport

*Stock image: Autosessive

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